EIP Alpha

EIP Alpha is a Hong Kong-based asset management firm specializing in a variety of non-correlated Alpha and cost-effective Beta products, providing investors unique opportunities in Asian Emerging Markets.

Since inception in 2002, our Beta products have consistently tracked their benchmarks and our Alpha products have provided absolute return through multiple market cycles. We have accumulated a global institutional investor base, and built a solid reputation of providing:

XIE Shares

XIE Shares is our Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) brand, offering a suite of country-specific ETFs covering 7 markets in Emerging Asia. These funds were launched in early 2012 and are the latest addition to our cost-effective Beta product offerings in the form of Exchange Traded Funds. XIE Shares products are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, low cost, transparent and simple to use. For more information, please visit our XIE Shares website at

Prior to July 2014 all products were managed by Enhanced Investment Products Limited. As a result of a restructuring of the business, Enhanced Investment Products Limited is responsible for the management of the XIE Shares ETF brand and EIP Alpha Limited is responsible for the management of all other investment products.